Paulo Filho

Gabriel, aside from being a great friend that I’ve known for over 15 years, in my opinion, is my best black belt.

Learning and living with me and with the legendary Master Carlson Gracie, who we had the opportunity to know well and be trained by, living a great time when we fought for love, as at the time there was no money or the investments that exist today. What I can say is that this athlete, training partner and brother has acquired all of the necessary knowledge and,I hope nobody takes this wrong, we were part of a famed team when we were trained by the largest trainer of Jiu-Jitsu brawlers that the world has ever known.

Health, success and peace in your new endeavor together with your wife and daughter, who came as an addition to your family and to inspire you to work harder and harder so that she does not have to go through what we have already gone through. In our training, “the child cried and the mother didn’t hear him!”

A hug from your brother,

Paulo Filho
WEC Middleweight Champion
BJJ Black Belt