David Chaloub

I started training jiu jitsu with gabriel in a young age and changed my life for better in a lot of aspects… with the jiu jitsu he taught me the importance of be a complete fighter,training gi ,nogi, takedowns,self defense… i remember what he always says “só sai dessa pra uma melhor” (you only going to move for a better position)!! So many things he says i carry with me every training session …and the thing that until today after i became a black belt and had the chance to training with so many people around the world, he was one of the few who always have simple solutions for difficult problems …a very effective jiu jitsu!!! Every time i asked how could i get out of a position? He used to say ” nao vai nem chegar bicho” (not even goin to get there)!! With a lot of confidence, and the confidence he says things its like contagious and i could feel it…always teach me how to stay cool under the pressure and the way that he helped me built self confidence in training and fighting help me to be better in all my decisions in life!!!

He will always be my master and more than this my friend ,my family and a true role model !!!

David Chaloub
International Model, Surfer
Black Belt under Gabriel Gladiator